Plastic Forming And Sheet Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer

About Us

Shantou Elite Machinery Co. is a highly dedicated manufacturer of industrial plastic equipment, including sheet extrusion machines, cup making machines, and other disposable thermoforming equipment. Elite equipment is designed to optimize the efficiency and output of manufacturers dealing with plastic sheet and plastic packing materials. We employ a skilled team of engineers who help us to develop new and exciting machines that are shipped all over the world. All of our production processes are carried out under CE certified standards and we work closely with customers to ensure all of their requirements are met. Details

Production Process
  • 1. Crusher
  • 2. Mixer
  • 3. Sheet extrusion machine
  • 4. Winding system
  • 5. Cup making machine
  • 6. Plastic cup stacking, counting, packing machine line
  • 7. Plastic packaging products